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4.9 out of 5
236 Ratings
236 Ratings
Mr Funnybones ,

This Will Be Eternal

Lydia sets standards for modern music. Too bad more people aren't exposed to it.

Emma Hansen ,

Could life get better?

Lydia solves everything. Their music is perfect.

Raawkie ,


It seems that this album "Paint it Golden" by Lydia is the one album of theirs that screams rebirth: evidence is apparent from the album artwork to every song in the album. Through out the years that I've been listening to Lydia it seemed as if their old albums were simply the intoxication of the nostalgia you can't get enough of. However, in this album it's a complete different story. There's a calm in every song not to mention there's an ease in lead singer Leighton Antelman's voice that lets you know he's moving on and only up from here. If you're smart you'll see there's a lot of lyrical reference to his old albums. In "Hailey" he puts quite a few. Ex: "Hailey if you're out there I hope you made it through December" anyways you'll figure out a lot of meaning once you take the time to disect the lyrics and find the links to his old songs. In other words what I'm trying to say is this album won't dissapoint you. His lyrics still remain powerful. To be sincere I prefer this album more than Lydia's others. I highly recommend for all Lydia fans to buy it. Support Leighton and regardless what people think Lydia will always remain Lydia as long as Leighton and Craig are still in it.

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