30 Songs, 57 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
175 Ratings
175 Ratings

Legendary Arrangements!

Marty & Mike strike again! Another amazing score under their belt. Amazing new arrangements of old favorites and even some new tracks as well. I can't get enough of Sacred Icon Suite 2. It is a fantastic new arrangement of Unforgotten just at a faster and more epic pace. This is a definite must buy for any fan of Halo. The animated shorts are great as well so you should purchase those as well!

P.S. These aren't remixes! Ludacris does remixes. Jay-Z does remixes. In an orchestra if there is a song that is done in a different way then it is called a different "arrangement"! Just some food for thought.


Where should I look?

Okay, of all of the sequences in Halo Legends, perhaps my favorite is the one with Master Chief, Fred, and Kelly sprinting down the corridor. Totally epic scene and totally epic music. So where is it? I know it's the same tune as "Truth and Reconciliation", but it's a different remix. Is that particular remix even in here?


Halo once more on Top!

Amazing soundtrack, alot of great classics remixed, lots of great stuff.

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