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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Ahsen Oztrk ,


Here is my opinions:

1. Happyland (10/10) Her voice is so strong on this song and I love the lyrics.
2. Save Me For A Day (10/10) This is addicting.. Kinda style of jazz, she made a perfect combination mixed Jazz & Rock and Alternative.
3. Autopilot (10/10) One of my favorites, here is Autopilot… The chorus is a killer, verses are emotional.. LOVE THIS!
4. Morninglight (9/10) I love the lyrics and her angry-innocent girl-vulnerable anger power!
5. Our Time (10/10) A slow one and totally AMAZING!
6. Sing Me To Sleep (9/10) Her voice is so pure in this song because instruments are quieter than the vocal. Just relaxing.
7. The Rebounder (9/10) Fun song. Really fun :)
8. The End (9.5/10) This song gives me chills!
9. Charlie (10/10) One of my favorites, I love the chorus SO MUCH! Lyrics are hopeful & sweet.
10. Common Henry (10/10) Probably this is the most jazzy song on the album :D I love her "strong woman" lyrics.
11. Borderline (10/10) I'm in love with this song! Lyrics, beat, vocal….everything in this song is perfect.
12. I Choose You (9/10) A beautiful love song.
13. Greetings From Space (9/10) Love this song's title.
14. For The Sun (8/10) Not bad but not one of my favorites.
15. We're All Friends Tonight (8/10) Fun…but not one of my favorites.

P.s. I don't wanna review the remixed ones

BUY the WHOLE album! You won't regret, trust me! :)
Team Amanda FOREVER <3

MyDearJuliet. ,


I love her music, and I am so glad that they used Our Time for the Christian Dior Haute Couture SS 2011 fashion show! It was perfect!

theflash2 ,

Worth The Wait

I have been waiting for so long to be able to download happy land and was super excited when I found it online.

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