10 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes


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Love the album - highly musical, engrossing layers and textures

An outstanding and highly musical album from peaceFIRE. Elliott and Mayumi tell their story via unconventional yet organic rhythms, wide harmonic variation, and assiduously layered voices and silence.

Harmonizer, for me, is best experienced holistically, with each song establishing context for the next along a broader arc. But, as no review may be complete without highlighting specific tracks…:

- Hot Glitter – up-tempo, electro-disco single
- Invisible Man – layered instrumental with an ethereal half-time backbeat breakdown
- Chaque Balloon – playful bass groove accentuated by syncopated melody and harmony
- Yume Wo Koeru – Mayumi’s delicate vocals build gracefully alongside a tastefully-dispersed synth
- Harmonizer – love the build, love the textures

Well done!

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