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980 Ratings
Musicmaan35 ,

Typical Score

It is hard to appreciate these new HP scores because there is nothing unique about them. They are becoming increasingly typical, and uninteresting. The score for the third Harry Potter movie could be one of the most intellectual, unique and diverse scores John Williams has ever written, even though anything he writes is simply amazing. The track on this album which I do find quite nice is Dumbledore's Army, but am I in no means calling this a great album.
The John WIlliams scores which were written for the first three HP movies could be listened to as independent works, while Patrick Doyle, and Nicholas Hooper write music that serves as accompaniment. Of course it is the movie which will interest everyone, but the music is a crucial part of the movie going experience.
The Harry Potter theme has become quite famous since the first movie came out, but many of the other themes will not resurface such as "Secrets of the Castle," "A Window to the Past," and other haunting themes in which WIlliams created. Though I have absolutely loved every Harry Potter movie that has come out, I pray for the last two movies a more powerful score, and something that will be remembered.

SamKamHPFan ,

Very Impressed!

I purchased this album today and am very impressed with what I hear! Nicholas Hooper I feel has lived up to the greatness of Harry Potter. Each track successfully reminds me of the events for which they are titled. 1. Fireworks, for example, really reminds me Fred and George and their ability to cause mayhem, and 2. Professor Umbridge, makes me think of her just strutting around like I've always imagined from reading the books, 3. Another Story is most likely the opening sequence with it's hint of Hedwig's theme, which brings up the fact that these tracts are not in order by plot. I feel that they did this to try to make a more enjoyable listening experience. This album was carefully designed and the music carefully placed in this order. This album must be listened to as a music album and not just as a mere copy of the movie onto a music CD. As you listen to the album it alternates between the sad and joyful, the fast and the slow for a very intricate listening experience. Well done Nicholas Cooper! Now to go and see the movie tonight at midnight! Woo Hoo!

Jammin27Ben ,

Best HP Soundtract Yet

I say this is my favourite Harry Potter Soundtrack yet, I am sad to say, this is better than Williams. Hooper did his job well. My favourite soungs are Prof. Umbridge, Room of Req., A Journey to hogwarts, The Ministry, and the Sack of Trelawny. Great Soundtrack. A Good Buy

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