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4.5 out of 5
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20 Ratings
Beechlady ,

My America Favorite

Ok, ok. It's not the traditional "every song is a hit" wonder wax. BUT (if you exclude "Muskrat Love" which is either a dud or a LOVE with almost every America fan - they either love it or HATE it. NO inbetweens..lol) every song is great! Worth a strong mention is "Hat Trick" (the song). It's a good sampling of what you'll hear thru the whole album. Personal fav of mine (a LONG TIME America fan).

Glo Waves ,

Possibly America's Best

What an incredibly beautiful work of art this is. America took the best aspects of what they had done previously and put it to use to the hilt here. Every band in the 70's had their peak period, and I would say for America this was it. It's true there's no top 40 here, but I would say that's because the hooks and riffs are more dispersed throughout the album rather than concentrated in a few songs; as a matter of fact it seems Amerca were so full of hooks at the time they had to forgo traditional top 40 song structures just to give all the hooks a place (especially on the title track). There are a few moments that don't work but they're almost almost rescued by the ensuing verse or chorus. The one thing that definitely stands out about this album is the recording quality--it's probably the warmest sounding album I've ever heard. Listen to the pianos on this record--very warm and sweet recording. This is one of those underrated 70's treasures.

thosro ,


Not true that this was their first to include an outside song. That distinction goes to HOMECOMING, which featured the John Martyn song HEAD & HEART. Later America albums would delve further into cover songs, but all that aside, the songwriting here became more adventurous than what went before, and perhaps more so than what came after. As a result, the album missed the commercial impact that the others enjoyed. Yet those who didn't listen missed something themselves. This one is different, but well worth it. A favorite of mine for sure.

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