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I have followed Madilyn for a few years now on YouTube and she just continues to get better! I am so happy to see her finally making music of her own! This album is beautiful,soulful, and downright amazing! I think Madilyn will be around for years to come!!

Mad For Madilyn


I've been a quiet but fierce fan of Madilyn's for some time, now. I've fallen for her breathy tones and power-house vocals in equal measure. I've heard her make songs we all know and love into covers that are unique and completely her own. I've bragged about her to all my friends, jammed to her in my car, belted out each catching melody, note for note--and now, I have five NEW songs to brag about, jam to, and sing with! Madilyn is a wordsmith, full of melodic ear-candy, and vocals to die for. :) Congrats on an amazing EP, girly!

(And Madilyn, if you're ever in Ohio, I'm always up for a collab jam session). ;) CassandraJoyMusic.com

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