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6 Ratings

This is the best of them all!


I read a very surprisingly lukewarm review on iTunes about this album (it was the general review of the album, not a user review). I pretty much disagree with everything negative that was said about it. It talked about the album not being capable of reaching a younger audience, but would only appeal to the people that grew up on Kenneth Cope’s 80s and 90s music. Maybe it is just in my family, but everyone in my family, including my 12 and 9 year old daughters, just adores this album. They know every note performed by the amazing musicians that contributed to the work, and every single word, and tasteful vocal nuance sung by Kenneth.

I honestly love and appreciate ALL of the songs on this album, but I think for me, the ones that stand out the most are “Gethsemane” (which is an absolutely gut-wrenching plea to Jesus for his help and companionship), and “Every Season.”

But seriously, get into this album. I swear it is basically perfect, and gives me so much joy to listen to, by myself, and with my family.

About Kenneth Cope

An award-winning songwriter, producer and performer, Kenneth Cope was educated in Houston, Texas at the local High School for Performing Arts. He began his career in the music industry by composing songs expressly for the youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1989, he gained a wider audience, yet still within the Latter-day Saint community with the release of Greater Than Us All, a concept album on Christ. He brought his own and others' compositions to life with the extraordinary concept album Women at the Well that focused on women of the scriptures. In general, he has produced or performed in the Sacred/Inspirational style. However, in 1991 and 1998, Cope opted for a more mainstream CCM sound with Voices and Stories from Eden's Garden. Stories from Eden's Garden earned him 5 Pearl Awards, including the Album of the Year. He and wife Kathy have three daughters and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ Dacia A. Blodgett-Williams



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