6 Songs, 37 Minutes


About Camila Fuchs

London-based experimental electronic duo Camila Fuchs take elements of Krautrock and left-field techno and pair them with fragile, haunting vocals. Camila de Laborde (vocals, keys) and Daniel Hermann-Collini (synths, drums) were originally pursuing other projects in their native countries -- Mexico and Germany respectively -- before moving to London. They met each other while studying at Goldsmiths University, quickly bonding over their love of music and its relationship with aesthetics. To begin with, everything was run through laptops, but they gradually moved to an analog modular-based setup, which they used to write and record their debut album, 2016's Singing from Fixed Rung. The following year, SVS Records, with whom they had a close relationship, undertook a residency at Budapest's Spatial Sound Institute. While there, the duo interacted with a 4DSound System, which focuses on the use of space and sound, thus informing the music that would appear on their sophomore album, Heart Pressed Between Stones. ~ Liam Martin

London, England