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41 Ratings

After a couple of hiccups, they

After having lost three long-time members in 2009, The Bled have recooped their losses and carried on with three new members, the end result being a return to the raw emotion and angst heard in their breakout full-length, Pass the Flask. Full of the face melting breakdowns and sense of urgency found in Pass the Flask, The Bled builds upon the sound they've developed over the last seven years, vindicate their fans and put down the naysayers with Heat Fetish.

David Stayend

Buy now.

This record represents a darker side to the bled catalog. With every record they put out, there is a different vibe and tone, which is why it seems pointless to compare them to a previous release. The overall mood of heat fetish is wrought with tension and hints towards the everyday struggles of a band in the midst of redemption. Anybody familiar with this band knows what they have been through and what it took to even release this record, let alone a record of this caliber of musicianship. The lyrics are honest while keeping the flamboyant poetic narratives the bled are known for. Heat Fetish is the audio equivalent to The Bled drowning their problems in a bathtub. Smiling while the body flails for breath. Whether you like it more or less than their previous releases is irrelevant. Heat Fetish stands on it's own, it's who the Bled is at this moment in time, and it's a welcome addition to their catalog.

Roberta Sparrow217

just buy it

genuine dudes and good tunes, what more do you need in a band oh yeah did i mention this record is brutal and rules! Just buy it it the bled!

About The Bled

Inspired by groups like Refused and the Mars Volta, Tucson-based post-hardcore quintet the Bled burst onto the national scene with their 2005 Vagrant debut, Found in the Flood. By that point the band's lineup featured vocalist James Muñoz, guitarists Ross Ott and Jeremy Talley, and a rhythm section of Darren Simoes (bass) and Mike Pedicone (drums), though like most bands they'd endured some lineup changes in the past. Previous to the Vagrant deal, the Bled had been on Fiddler, where they issued the 2003 album Pass the Flask. That album, however, eventually fell out of print and became hard to find, prompting Vagrant to reissue it in March 2007 with additional bonus tracks (which included cuts from the Bled's earliest EPs). ~ Johnny Loftus

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