58 Songs, 4 Hours 43 Minutes


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33 Ratings

Come on Really?

Come on guys this soundtrack is amazing. Whats with this partial album BS? Let us buy the whole thing. Also you misspelled the title… Nice work SE...

Stuart Jingles

Way overpriced

The OST for this game is phenomenal, but there's no reason the songs should be individually priced rather than making the album available for complete purchase at a reasonable price. At these track prices, the album is $20 more expensive than buying the physical version. And if you buy the physical version, you've got to deal with pulling the tracks off using a blu-Ray player which is yet another hassle.

Great music. Horrible sales strategy. Unless the album is made available here on iTunes in its entirety for a reasonable price, I won't be buying. I can just open YouTube and let the OST play in the background when I'm working, because I'm not going to waste my money if Square Enix is going make it that difficult to enjoy their product.


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