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About The-Drum

Mixing indie electronica, hip-hop, and quiet storm R&B, Chicago production duo the-Drum formed in 2010. Members Brandon Boom and Jeremiah Chrome were drawn together as they both shared a yin-yang-styled love of music, both of them equally influenced by hardcore hip-hop of acts like Three 6 Mafia, while also loving the dreamy '80s music of acts like Art of Noise. Influenced by the-Dream, the hyphen in their name reflected their love of modern R&B, a sound heard through an indie filter on their 2012 EPs Heavy Liquid and Sense Net. In 2013 they released Contact, an album that took their sound into a more experimental direction, living up to their self-made genre of "sci-fi R&B." The year 2014 saw them releasing their Lo Motion Singles, Vol. 1 compilation, a set of tracks produced for artists like Jody, Dre Green, and the GTW. ~ David Jeffries

Chicago, IL



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