10 Songs, 32 Minutes


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lilahthecrocodilah ,


This is truly one of the most beautiful and unique albums I’ve heard. The stretch from “elena again” to “mosaic genetics” is incredible. I’ve been wanting (and pestering felicita about) an official release of “night soil” since summer 2016. It’s amazing to finally have it mixed and mastered in high quality (although I really miss the intro and outro of the previous unreleased version known as “religioso”, it’s so lush I can’t complain). Soft Power I and II appear in a new form here (previously appearing as “Soft Power” and “People Don’t Change” on felicita’s free 2017 EP “Ecce Homo”) with not only pristine mixing but many new additions and changes from the Ecce Homo versions. Shook doesn’t have any changes from the E.H. version but it’s mastered sooo well to fit in with the rest of the album. “coughing up amber” is a three-tracks-in-one situation that flows naturally while still surprising you at each turn (a new VIP of Coughing Up Pearls into a new VIP of I Will Devour You into something else entirely). The first two singles, “hej!” and “marzipan” remain as haunting as ever. This album is an epic experience from start to finish. Especially the finish. Mosaic Genetics might be the strongest track on a very strong album. I can’t stop listening to it. Don’t sleep on this album. There’s nothing else out there like it. A blend of experimental electronic music, tradition Polish folk songs, the brand of pop we’ve come to love from the label (PC Music), ambient, and noise music may sound forced and messy, but it doesn’t feel forced at all. Even if you still find the album messy, it’s a mess worth diving into.

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