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A rare find these days

Shorty Peaches,

There's an overabundance of mediocre music today, so when an album is done well, it really stands out. This record gives me hope that there's such a thing as good new music. And if Green doesn't give you chills, you may be a robot.

One of the Best Albums of 2012


It's easy to compare this band to likes Smashing Pumpkins, but it's more than that...yes, they both came from Chicago and both Jason and Billy have a similar growl at times.

The differences thought really end there, Heliotrope is an adventure -- musically and lyrically. From the opening chord Crash and Burn to the breathy vocals on Plastic, every track is a testament that rock & roll is safely in the hands of Ayanami.

Now I just need then to start touring closer to where I live. Bottom line, buy it.

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