11 Songs, 37 Minutes


About The Indecent

With a sludgy sound that feels straight out of the grunge era, the Indecent deliver the classic sound of Seattle from their home base of New York City. Consisting of triplets Emily, Maddy, and Bo Brout, who sing, play bass, and play guitar, respectively, as well as drummer Nicholas Burrows, the Indecent revel in the languid, sludgy sounds of the '90s, evoking bands like Hole and Nirvana as they work their way through layers of melodic grime. The Indecent's first album, the self-released Her Screwed Up Head, arrived in 2010 and brought them to the attention of Warner Bros., who signed the band to the label the following year. Working with producer Rob Cavallo (best known for his work with Green Day, as well as Jawbreaker and My Chemical Romance), the band set to work on its major-label debut, the EP Control, which was released by the label in 2012. ~ Gregory Heaney

New York, NY



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