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13 Ratings

Finest Underrated Classic Rock Musician

Titts McGee

John Kongos is probably one of the most underseen legends of classic rock. His mix of psycadelic rock with london pop, John has made some great hits. "He's Gonna Step On You Again," is one his best while, "Tokoloshe Man," is another great hit. Although you most likely will not hear John on any classic rock radio stations, he is one of the best musicians out there. Check out both his albums as soon as you can! He's great.

Elton John fans know about this one


I'd have to dig through hundreds of LPs in my basement to find it, but I do recall that Elton John had a hand in the production of this Kongos release. As a result, you'll find great contributions on this album from some of Elton's earliest (and best) session musicians; namely, the great Caleb Quaye (guitar) and equally great Roger Pope (drums). Recommended top selections: Lift Me from the Ground, Try to Touch Just One, and I Would Have Had a Good Time. Kongos seemed to drop out of sight after the release of this album...what a shame, he had plenty of potential as an artist.


WEG - Orlando

He's Gonna Step on You Again is one of the Cooooolest Songs of the Rock Era!

About John Kongos

Before scoring a handful of minor hits in the U.K. in the late '60s and early '70s, John Kongos had been the leader behind Johnny Kongos & the G-Men, a prolific beat group from Johannesburg, South Africa that frequently appeared on that country's charts during the first half of the '60s. In 1966, Kongos and a number of his associates relocated to London and cut a 1967 single as Floribunda Rose for Piccadilly. Floribunda Rose eventually morphed into Scrugg, a psychedelic pop band that released a trio of singles for Pye prior to their 1969 breakup. "I Wish I Was Five," a 1968 B-side, gained the most attention. Upon Scrugg's split, Kongos went solo and released a handful of records, including the albums Confusions About a Goldfish, John Kongos, and Tokoloshe Man. The 1971 single "He's Gonna Step on You Again" registered on the charts in the U.K. and the U.S. Sporadic reissues of Kongos' work appeared during the '90s, and in 2002, Castle released Lavender Popcorn: 1966-1969, which combined Scrugg and Floribunda Rose material (both familiar and previously unreleased) with Confusions About a Goldfish. ~ Andy Kellman

South Africa
August 6, 1945



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