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Customer Reviews

Fantastic album, throwback stuff in many ways yet fresh and new sounding


This is an exceptionally well produced and realized record. It's deeper then just a collection of songs and will need MANY listens to discover the world it creates. That's a good thing because every song is accessible, interesting and well done. Truly tremendous record that will be a blast to see performed live. In this day and age of one lame pop act after another it is great to have Ingrid and her band wirting and performing music with soul, passion, guts, energy and smarts. Best $10 I've ever spent in my life. Get this record and support something great - artists!



Browsing FB I came upon a girl I used to know from high school. She grew up and man does she have some lungs!
This album is splashing over with more soul than most artists can create in a lifetime. From the background vocals and amazing band, to the intense crisp sound of the lead, outstanding.
Growing up there in the Ozark Hills as well, I just have to say thank you guys for "Missouri Limestone" and "Lindenlure" as they bring me right back home each & every time! Keep those memories glowing and the soul a flowing.
Beautiful Job!

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