11 Songs, 38 Minutes


About The Last Conspirators

The Last Conspirators are a powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston, a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State's Hudson Valley. Livingston was the leader of the Albany-based band the Morons, who between 1979 and 1982 were one of the first punk outfits to gain a toehold in the capital region, headlining clubs on their home turf and frequently hitting the highway for shows in New York City. After the breakup of the Morons, Livingston took a break from music but continued writing songs and recording demos, and in 1993 he formed a new group, GhostRunner, who released a concept album, Beneath the Apocalyptic Rain, that earned enthusiastic reviews from critics in New York state. However, the album received minimal distribution, and GhostRunner broke up after playing just five live shows. Livingston once again stepped away from writing and playing music and landed a job with the well-respected reissue label Sundazed Records, but in 2007 he surfaced with a new group, the Last Conspirators, featuring Livingston on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, and harmonica; Terry Plunkett on guitar; Jeff Sohn on bass; and Al Kash on drums. The Last Conspirators began as a studio project, recording and releasing their debut album, Warparty, but the band booked a handful of shows in support of its release and has been playing New York clubs on a regular basis since. In 2009, the Last Conspirators released their second full-length album, Powerful Friends. ~ Mark Deming