10 Songs, 32 Minutes


About Sonos

A cappella group Sonos mixes traditional choral singing with a distinctly alternative, indie approach, and the result is a fresh, bright hybrid that re-imagines the genre for the 21st century. Emerging from the southern California college a cappella world, the group -- as much a collective as anything else -- includes singers Chris Harrison, Jessica Freedman, Katharine Anne Hoye, Rachel Bearer, Ben McLain, and Paul Peglar, made a name for itself in L.A. with smart, inventive, and bold vocal-only interpretations of songs by the like of Rufus Wainwright, Fleet Foxes, Imogen Heap, Lewis Taylor, Magnet, Björk, and others, as well as a fascinating, vocal trip-hop version of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," which was released by Verve Records as the group's first single in 2009. A full-length album, SonoSings, followed later in the year. ~ Steve Leggett




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