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5 Ratings

D A Double L A S


David Dallas has always been a great artist with good beats and great lyrics. A real artist!

David Dallas reworks his brand and flavor just a bit for 'Hood Country Club'

Alex Dionisio

Emcee David Dallas from Auckland, New Zealand is definitely another spitter worth checking for, if you appreciate crafty lyricism and inspirational attitudes, lessons and stories. The fast developing, award-winning hip-hop artist releases his fourth LP to a very healthy following and a continued saga of integrity. None of his previous three albums came off major corporate labels, and two (The Rose Tint and Falling Into Place) were actually cosigned by American underground outfit Duck Down Records. His latest, Hood Country Club, is pure Double D from start to finish.

Dallas is committed to working for and contributing to hip-hop in a non-mainstream-media-esque way (see “Probably”) and if not conforming to the masses or the status quo is the price to pay, he’ll willingly put his money where his mouth is (“Fit In”). No stranger to adversity with regard to illness in his family and his struggle to win many fans and a large audience, Dallas tells tales of folks falling on hard times in both “Don’t Flinch” and title track “Hood Country Club” but gets back up to chase his dreams in the “Lose Yourself”-like “This Is It.” “Don’t Rate That” is then a great piece in which Dallas dissociates himself from ignorance, bigotry and close-mindedness.

Of course there is Dallas’s usual raps on strength, swagger, ambition, hard work and the like, but with his sharp writing and delivery and fresh, well mastered music sounds, Hood Country Club is a heck of a tape to play. Not a lot of what is here can’t be found in some way, shape or form in the rest of the David Dallas catalogue, but the all new original rhyme-verses and just the compositional artistry therein will blow your mind pretty well once again. Hood Country Club is one country club experience you don’t have to be rich or well connected to join in on.

Love the New Album!


I love David Dallas, and I love this new album. Most of the songs are fire, and the others are good too.