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simmply elegent


no strings attached just simple beutiful harmonies, i love to listen for relaxing purposes enjoy!

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus


Although Kathryn Toyama is a classically trained pianist, in her words: “the ‘feeling’ is foremost and when it comes to me, I find that I must first open my heart, and then the music begins to flow.” In fact, most of the songs on her Hope For Harmony CD were created as improvisations and purely for her own emotional catharsis. The connection between music and spirituality is the cornerstone of Kathryn’s creativity and she firmly believes in the power of consciously created positive music to effect change, both personally and globally.

One of the things I enjoyed about listening to Hope For Harmony is that among the eighteen songs, were a number of shorter vignette-like pieces. Each one reflecting its own emotional color, bringing to mind a necklace with a variety of sparkling gems all strung together by Kathryn’s creativity and focused intention. While there is musical diversity in her songs, the omnipresent ambience is one of serenity, gentleness, and comfort. Although Kathryn’s music could be described in terms of technique, structure, melody, etc. for me it was more about the feelings it evoked. A good example is on one of the shorter pieces entitled “The Light.” Although it is less than two minutes in length, in that short span of time it managed to convey a sense of quiet majesty that had a cinematic atmosphere, a quality also shared with another track entitled “Floating On Dreams.” While this is primarily a solo piano album, the final track brings a surprise in the form of guitar accompaniment by Richard Alan. The pair played beautifully together, with the guitar perfectly complimenting the graceful piano melodies. Kathryn’s Hope For Harmony has been recommended to fans of George Winston, and I would agree that her music could appeal to listeners of that genre with its graceful blend of new age and neo-classical elements.

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