5 Songs, 30 Minutes


About Delia Gonzalez

Best known as a musician for her collaboration with Gavin Russom, Delia Gonzalez is also a performance artist and sculptor. After she moved from Miami to New York in the mid-'90s, she met Russom while working in the city's underground dance and theater scene. The duo's DFA singles and 2005 album, The Days of Mars, earned critical acclaim for their innovative mix of house and kosmische influences. In 2010, Gonzalez decided to concentrate on her fine arts career, including that year's multimedia show In Remembrance. Incorporating visuals from 16mm ballet dance films and solo piano compositions inspired by the theories of spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff, it debuted at the Galleria Fonti in Naples, Italy. She added more films to the piece for the 2012 exhibition I Must Stop Here and expanded it again for a 2013 exhibition at New York City's Clocktower Gallery. This version of the work featured contributions from musicians Alice Cohen and Bryce Hackford, whom Gonzalez met through mutual friend Viktor Timofeev. Hackford also provided remixes of the show's four compositions for the 2015 DFA album In Remembrance, which was entirely piano-based. In 2017, DFA issued Horse Follows Darkness, Gonzalez's return to electronic composition. The album was inspired by her relocation back to America after spending time in Berlin, as well as American Western films. ~ Heather Phares