14 Songs, 49 Minutes


About Hostyle Gospel

Hostyle Gospel have set themselves apart from their Christian rap contemporaries with a confrontational method of spreading their faith-based message. Based out of the central Illinois city of Champaign, the group was co-founded in 2003 by Raynard Glass (Proverb) and Demetrius Morton (King Soloman), previously members of the Elite M.O.C. In 2005 Fontaine Pizza (Big Job) joined the group, and an ancillary cast was later added to the lineup, assisting with production, graphic design, and website administration. They've recorded four albums for their Hostyle Gospel Ministries label: Let Me at Em (2007), Immortal Combat (2011), Desperation (2013), and Hostyle Takeover (2016). These full-lengths have been supplemented with a handful of mixtapes. Although they're a self-sustaining group, Hostyle Gospel have frequently collaborated with other artists, including John Givez, who contributed to "Skittles & Iced Tea," a probing track examining systemic racism and civilian and police killings of people of color. ~ Andy Kellman




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