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4.7 out of 5

15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Very Catchy


Prozzak "Hot Show" is a great album. The music is very catchy, so much so, you will find yourself dancing and/or singing to almost every song on the album. It's a fun ride, a definate must buy!

Wonderful and Unique


What can you say about a Canadian duo that represents themselves through animated alteregos with fake accents? Prozzak is pure fun and takes you to another place. The beats are way catchy with witty lyrics dealing with the failure that is love. Basically the story of Simon (lead singer) and Milo (lead guitarist) is that they were two vikings who got transporting to current times in order to find true love, but they always fail. Altho they are cartoon characters with fun beats, they have some adult themes, but nothing too riskay. This leads to fun and/or sad lyrics about crazy adventures in search for love. The lyrics are seriously little stories that just suck you in. The music itself is like a combonation of pop/rock/dance/techno (my favorite genres). Overall it's a wonderful CD to dance to and help you chipper up. Prozzak is my all time favorite group. PS: Itunes doesn't have their sophmore album "Saturday People" which is just as good, if not better, than "Hot Show." If you like this CD, you will love "Saturday People."

Need the vids.


I'm not some sheep following the Apple flock. I only have an iPod for MUSIC VIDEOS. If I want to buy a song, I'll buy from Wal-Mart or file share for any audio for my Creative Zen (which is twice the capacity). Expand the iTunes video library!

About Prozzak

Canada's animated pop duo Prozzäk consist of slight, saucer-eyed singer Simon and strong-but-silent guitarist Milo. Voiced by Jason Levine and James McCollum of the Philosopher Kings, Simon and Milo searched for love and understanding on their debut album, Hot Show, which featured the wry single "Sucks to Be You." ~ Heather Phares




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