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About Savvas Ysatis

After being recognized primarily through his collaborations with Taylor Deupree, Greek techno artist Savvas Ysatis has slowly earned a name for himself as a prestige techno artist. Though Ysatis was born in Greece, he spent a good portion of his life in New York after moving there at the age of 15 to pursue music. During his time in New York, he recorded music for Instinct with Deupree under various guises such as SETI, Futique, and Arc. Furthermore, he also recorded solo as Omicron and Minipop. By the late '90s, after releasing the conceptual Tower of Winds album with Deupree, he earned the prestige status of being awarded a full-length release on Berlin's legendary Tresor label, resulting in the acclaimed Highrise album, an album that fully embraced the traditional techno sound. Thanks to the recognition that came with this release, Ysatis has returned to his native Greece, where he experiences superstar status and leads the country's growing techno scene. ~ Jason Birchmeier

July 1, 1968



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