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44 Ratings

How much indeed!


We (my little Fifi and I) enjoyed this delectable little tune. It's perfect for any occassion, jogging, driving to Gay-Dar (my all-time fave place for classy outfits!), or lounging in the tub with my little Fifi. However, I must ask this question for the ages. I have puzzled over this problem for many a millenia and I say "How much IS that doggie in the window? Does it cost as much as my little Fifi? Can I perhaps trade my little Fifi for this wonderful doggie who seems superior to Fif in every way? Perhaps we shall never know...

When on the Cape

Peckerwood Twist

Five Stars for a song that has the warmth and charm of a Summers evening on Old Cape Cod.
Yes we were eating Lobster stew and Patti Page was singing Old Cape Cod Bay, as the Sun set in front of us, "On Old Cape Cod Bay"

Old Cape Cod & Allegheny moon

Rob P H

If you love old pop singers , this was a bit before my time but Old Cape Cod was still play on the Radio (remember that) and is one of her many ,many hits , some pop singer make there mark on a song , she did it many times . Old Cape Cod is one of her best. Allegheny moon is another of her greats . There were so many hits these are two. This whole album is wonderful , warm and a little corny , she does some of her best and some of the novelty songs of het day. But some where jsut good songs of her time . Over all a great example of her time,and fun

About Patti Page

The best-selling female singer during the 1950s, Patti Page in many ways defined the decade of earnest, novelty-ridden adult pop with throwaway hits like "The Doggie in the Window" and "I Went to Your Wedding." By singing a wide range of popular material and her own share of novelty fluff, she proved easily susceptible to the fall of classic adult pop but remained a chart force into the mid-'60s.

Born Clara Ann Fowler in Muskogee, Oklahoma, she began singing professionally at a radio station in Tulsa and took weekend gigs on the side. (After being billed as Patti Page for a program sponsored by Page Milk, she decided to take the name even after leaving.) Page toured the country with a band led by Jimmy Joy and ended up in Chicago by 1947, where she sang in a small-group outing by Benny Goodman and gained a recording contract with Mercury. Her first hit, "Confess," came that same year and made her the first pop artist to overdub harmony vocals onto her own lead. After a few more successes, Page gained her first million-seller in 1950 for "With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," which cashed in on the novelty effect of overdubbing (the added touch came with listing it as "the Patti Page Quartet"). Also in 1950, "All My Love" became her first number one hit and spent several weeks at the top. That same year produced the biggest hit of her career, "The Tennessee Waltz." Notched at number one for months, it eventually became one of the best-selling singles of all time and prompted no less than six Top 40 covers during the following year.

During 1952-1953, Patti Page scored two more huge hits with "I Went to Your Wedding" and "The Doggie in the Window," both of which spent more than two months at number one. She gained her own television program, The Patti Page Show, in 1955 and moved into full-lengths with In the Land of Hi Fi and Manhattan Tower. Page also proved more resilient to the rise of rock & roll than most of her contemporaries, hitting big in 1956 with "Allegheny Moon" and "Old Cape Cod" the next year. Indeed, she kept reaching the charts (if only in moderate placings) throughout the '60s, paced by the Top Ten theme to the film Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte in 1965. Though she stopped recording for the most part in 1968, she continued performing into the '90s. Patti Page died on January 1, 2013, at a retirement community in Encinitas, California, at the age of 85. ~ John Bush

Muskogee, OK
November 8, 1927




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