8 Songs, 37 Minutes


About The Lines

English post-punk band the Lines first recorded in 1977 and released their last material in 1983, quietly leaving a pair of albums -- Therapy (October 1981) and Ultramarine (March 1983) -- and a handful of singles and EPs in their wake. Fairly indifferent to the press, affiliated with a very small label, and, despite connections to Alternative TV, Prag Vec, and Fad Gadget, not part of any scene, the Lines gained a small and fervent following, and their releases remained obscure until the Acute label's 2008 reissues. Memory Span, released in May, compiled single and EP material. Flood Bank, released in November, contained all but one song from the band's two albums. Vocalist and guitarist Rico Conning assisted with the discs; after the Lines broke up, he had remained involved with music, engineering, and mixing for the likes of Swans and Depeche Mode and worked closely with William Orbit. In 2016, Acute released Hull Down, an assemblage of previously unreleased and unfinished material that had been recorded after their second album. Exploratory and experimental, the recordings involved the use of sequencers and synthesizers. ~ Andy Kellman