9 Songs, 51 Minutes


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CandiceMichelle1 ,

A mesmerizingly transportive offering!

Born in the beautiful Azores of the mid-Atlantic Ocean, electronic music composer Mário Raposo has released several albums over the past decade. Comprised of nine compositions spanning approximately fifty-three minutes, his latest album (aptly-titled Humanization) unfolds like a sci-fi sonic adventure, on which Raposo incorporates both vintage and modern electronic music elements into his stellar compositions. The opening title track is an enticingly dreamy and rhythmically flowing piece that reminds me somewhat of mid-to-late 80’s Tangerine Dream, with its undulating sequencers and symphonic-electronic attributes conveying an exploratory, upbeat mood. The next piece, “Transmission from Nibiru”, is comparatively more laid-back and likewise one of my favorites, with its title giving an overt nod to the fabled “planet x” of extraterrestrial folklore. Other notable pieces such as “A Love Affair Lost in Space” and “Omnispaced” are mysteriously whimsical and symphonically arranged, while “Future City Downtown” brings spacey elements into a modern urban setting with its glitchy timbres, steady groove and loungy piano chords that underscore the piece. Listening to this album easily conjures up an array of retro-futuristic images such as robots, microchips and space travel. And yet, despite its inherent allusions to advanced technology and cyberpunk culture, the music herein is not only melodically beautiful, but feels warmly engaging and personal. Although distinctive on its own, some of this artist’s work also pleasantly reminds me of Mark Dwane’s with regards to both the musical style and themes explored. On par with if not better than Raposo’s preceding Futurology album, Humanization is a mesmerizingly transportive offering that perfectly alternates between brighter and darker moments along its fascinating course!

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