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Re@per ,

If you're in the mood....

I recently went to see Audioslave in concert and they had done the Temple of the Dog song 'Hunger Strike' live. Hearing it again after so many years made me realize that I never picked the album up or gave it a listen before. So, when I got home from the show, I hopped on iTunes and checked it out. I gotta say, it's a really good album. It reminds me a lot of Chris Cornell's solo stuff: Very bluesy, slow, relaxation mood type music. Good album. Shame they only did the one, though.

On a side note, if you get a chance to catch Audioslave live, don't miss out. They were outstanding.



Motorwood ,

Years Later and It Still Holds Up

This CD was one of my favorites growing up. The song that was most well-known "Hunger Strike" is a nice song but "Hello to Heaven", "Wooden Jesus" and "All Night Thing" blow the rest out of the water!
Vocals on this are soulful rock and can't be beat ...Some FANTASTIC STUFF here!

GroundControl2MajorTom ,

One of only a few "Perfect and Nearly Perfect Albums" on my list

There are a few "Perfect and Nearly Perfect Albums" that come to mind . . . Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic, Pearl Jam - Ten, Bob Marley - Exodus, Patti Smith - Horses, RHCP - BSSM. Temple of the Dog earns its place on the list. Let's start with the obvious, "Hunger Strike." The words, the melody, the perfectly calibrated guitar, bass, and drums lay the ground work. And Chris' vocals sound as good as ever. But when the power of Eddie Vedder’s vocals rip through the song, keeping it straight, like an iron rod down your back, it all comes together. But all of the praise doesn't just go to Chris and Eddie. Mike McReady's guitar rips through "Reach Down." He proves he can rip the screamin' rock guitar as well as the guitar gods of the 70's he's so obviously influenced by. Even the "minor" songs sneak up on you and implant themselves firmly under you skin. You'll find yourself humming "Call Me a Dog" about a hundred times before you finally figure out "what that song is." Then you listen to the words and say to yourself, "ah, Chris got me again."

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