14 Songs, 59 Minutes


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Highly original with deep lyrical content. Enjoyed every track!

A rare album worthy of 5 Stars!


I could go on and on about this album, but I’ll keep it short. The five star rating system has lost much of its meaning in recent years as fans are quick to bestow it regardless of quality, but John has truly created a work of art worthy of five stars. Musically interesting, lyrically dense, and layer after layer of musicianship can be uncovered with repeat listens. A conservative estimate to how many times I’ve listened to this album since it’s release is 50, it’s that good! Favorite songs are “Calling All Cowards,” “Every Power Wide Awake,” “None Other,” and “I Will Praise Your Name, Yahweh.” Sure to make my year end favorites list, don’t miss out on this one!

Breathtaking Honesty and Creativity


Here is an album full of refreshing creativity and lyrical integrity. These are songs blatantly about the Lord, unflinchingly toward the Lord, unmistakably pulled from scripture, unafraid to acknowledge human depravity, and overcome with gladness at the work of Jesus. It's clearly indie (you probably won't hear it on a major praise station), but I walk away from it having thought about Christ and Him at the center rather than a covert elevation of self. There seems nothing pandering or pretentious about this work. And content aside, these are just genuinely good songs. Highlights for me (though hard to choose): All Shall Be Well, None Other, No Limit to Your Love, Holy Mountain, I Will Praise Your Name Yahweh.

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