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I Am Stronger

Zombies nozzle,

Your the kind of person that changes the world Adam your the best when I saw your music video of this song it was just mind blowing how you came up with this song this song unfortunately not many People have heard I've been spreading your song to everyone your our hero I've bought a shirt from your site and a I am stronger bracelet to spread the word of you and your power to rap for a cause anti-bullying I Am Stronger!


Hen brick,

I love this it inspired me to be a better person and help more people in need of assistance. You are an amazing person your doing something right so keep doing what your doing.

About Unkle Adams

Curtis "Unkle" Adams is a Canadian rapper and motivational speaker based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Drawn to hip-hop in his early teens, Adams began experimenting as a freestyle MC, eventually working out his own distinctive style based on positivity and inspiration. Having a nephew who is actually ten days older than him, he naturally earned his "uncle" nickname and eventually chose Unkle Adams as his stage name. By 2013 he'd begun releasing singles, beginning with "One of a Kind" and the powerful "I Am Stronger," an anti-bullying anthem that would become a centerpiece in his motivational work. Over the next few years, Adams would begin a prolific run, releasing his debut album, Humble Beginnings, in 2014 followed a year later by Pulse, then his third album, Planting Seeds, in 2016. Working as a heavy-equipment operator, Adams funded and self-released all of his material, displaying a work ethic that has become central to his identity. ~ Timothy Monger

    Regina, Saskatchewan

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