12 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Creature With the Atom Brain

Creature with the Atom Brain is an alternative rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, featuring Aldo Struyf (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen (guitar), Jan Wygers (bass), and Michael Lawrence (drums), their moniker being inspired by a Roky Erickson song, which in turn was nicked from the 1955 film of the same name. Founded in 2005, the group began testing the waters of their psych-infused style with a pair of EPs (2005's The Snake and 2006's Kill the Snake) before diving headlong into their first long-player, I Am the Golden Gate Bridge, in 2008. This met with widespread critical acclaim and led to tours with bands as diverse as the Jesus and Mary Chain and Masters of Reality, whose leader, Chris Goss, would produce the band's second album, Transylvania, in 2010. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia



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