10 Songs, 1 Hour 1 Minute


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Well Crafted Musical Art

A great album. I hidden gem in the iTunes store. Rhythm, driving beats, and a groove that will draw you into its melodic vortex.

My personal favorite is the first song “Touchdown.” At 10 minutes, I first thought that this would be a skip since rarely have I found a song that has fine enough blend of rhythm and variety. But this one has it all. After short spacey intro that sounds like a Sci Fi lunar landing, a driving beat gets you psyched and ready for the vocals and swaying melodic beats of the middle portion of the song. Finally, the song leads into a soft and calming finish that leaves you satisfied.

The rest of the album is a well crafted work of musical art. Forged in the era of musical greats of yesteryear, this album ranks up there with any of the greats when it hits its pace.

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