13 Songs, 59 Minutes


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17 Ratings

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paul is one of the best players in the world but when he sings on an album it always sounds like he joking like funny haha corny song with a crazy solo joking his voice is good but so is vai but when they both just shut up and play it makes for a better album your shredders do what you do best shred its what we all like and it will make you money i dont think you will have sell out stadiums for singing an epic song unless you stop making it corny


Paul Gilbert w Tony Spinner--What's Better?

Paul Gilbert is totally capable of making terrific music on his own. He can shred like a cheesegrater. Fantastic phrasing and timing. Tony Spinner is also perfectly capable of making his own great music on his own. Nobody is doing the funk electric blues thing better than him right now. Together, Tony is totally willing to let Paul lead the way--kinda like Derringer did with Johnny Winter. But when Paul says, OK, Tony, give em what you got, all hell breaks loose and the music just finds the happy mix in between their two great styles. I hope they do some more together. Their YouTube videos are also a total kick to watch. You can tell they like each other and enjoy playing together. Nice to see two great talents who have their egos on a leash enough to turn out a super album like this. You "will be remembered"! Now, don't use your GD Turn Signal and do some more great tunes!! I am buying whatever either of you make.

About Paul Gilbert

Metal guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert was born November 6, 1966 in Carbondale, Illinois and raised primarily in Greenburg, Pennsylvania; he began playing music at age five, and by age 15 was not only touring local clubs with his band Tau Zero but was even spotlighted in Guitar Player magazine alongside fellow up-and-comer Yngwie Malmsteen. In 1984, Gilbert relocated to Los Angeles to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology, becoming an instructor there the following year; concurrently, he formed the band Electric Fence, which by 1986 evolved into Racer X. Their debut album, Street Lethal, appeared later that year, but in the wake of the follow-up, 1987's Second Heat, Gilbert exited to join Mr. Big, which in 1992 topped the pop charts with the ballad "To Be with You." Mr. Big disbanded in 1996, and a year later Gilbert made his solo debut with King of Clubs. He also re-formed Racer X, who had enormous success in Japan with the 1999 LP Technical Difficulties and 2000's Superheroes. The ensuing years saw Gilbert continuing to release solo albums while recording and touring with Racer X, and in 2011 he teamed back up with Mr. Big and released the album What If. The following year Gilbert issued his 12th solo outing, Vibrato, followed by the 2014 covers LP Stone Pushing Uphill Man, and the Heatseekers-bound I Can Destroy in late 2015. ~ Jason Ankeny

Carbondale, IL
November 6, 1966