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What can I say about this album without being time-warped back into the mid-80's? Growing up in California, on the Central Coast, this album/cassette was very popular to say the least. My greatest memories relating to Eddie and Tide are the ones where I was cruising (or parked) with a lovely young lady, or just hanging out with good friends around a bonfire throwing back a couple of cooly-poppers (Coors Light cans). Amazing how I can still remember dancing on stage with Eddie and the Tide at a fair in King City or cheering them on in Salinas. What great guys, very classy group, always seemed like a down to earth bunch of guys. I've searched the iTunes store many times hoping to find these songs from my past, let's just say it's about darned time! Especially love how I remember every lyric as if the last twenty-five plus years hadn't even passed.

P.S. Thanks to facebook for bringing Eddie and the Tide and I back together, hoping a new generation can come to appreciate this California band as I once did, and now do again. JLS

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This brings back good times. Great Bay Area band made it to Itunes. Buy this...blast from the 80's.

About Eddie and the Tide

The quintet from Berkeley, CA, were led by vocalist Eddie Rice and included guitarist Johnny Perri, keyboardist Cazz McCaslin, bassist George Diebold, and drummer Scott Mason. Their 1985 major-label debut, Go Out & Get It, was fairly straightforward barroom rock with a hint of new wave mannerisms. The brooding, mid-tempo "One in a Million" became a hit at AOR radio in late summer and the song spent two weeks on the pop charts (peaking at number 85). Two years later, the track "Power Play" would appear on the gold-selling soundtrack to the smash movie Lost Boys. ~ Tom Demalon

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