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Chasing the Ghost


No heart, no soul, no emotion...that's what you can find in any new release nowadays....but NOT here! First I'll give you the backdrop, I stumbled across these fellas over 10 years ago when I got dragged to a us bombs show (who I dislike). Ducky boys opened and I spent the few bucks to my name on Dark Days. Best decision to date. Followed all of the work from these guys, including the side projects and the solo stuff. Fast forward to a long wait for this album....their best...

From the start this is a tremendous album you can play from start to finish without skipping a tune. Every song is laced with emotion that you find yourself relating back to your life. If you can't identify with the genius lyrics than either you should stop listening to music all together or have no heart. Honestly can't pick a tune off this that is my favorite as they're all amazing and played straight through it seems to be a natural progression that I wouldn't suggest breaking. "I'm Broken" is a punch to the face of raw emotion, "hey liberty" and "feeling alive" are great also. Amazing lyrics and word play to "I lied". Doug on "goodbye & good luck" is amazing and a song that everyone should be able to agree.

Like social distortion this band only gets better as they go. I have thousands of cd's of all types. No album put out in years can touch this...mark my words this album will have the replay value of Appetite for Destruction, Out Come the Wolves or Dirty Water.

Where has this album been all my life?

Katie D,

Finally figured out what annoys me about this album... I have to stop listening to it at various points in the day, like when I'm in class. Absolutely phenomenal album. The Ducky Boys have come long since from "No Gettin' Out;" but all the passion and emotion, just a new kind of energy. This is one of those rare times that I can't think of of a way to express how amazing this album is, yet I can't shut up about it.

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