16 Songs, 54 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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3.4 out of 5
390 Ratings

390 Ratings

sbfreak ,


Ok, i thought "Its Goin Down" was rock bottom for rap and hiphop...to put it simply...i was wrong. This honestly has to be one of the worst rap albums i have ever heard, and no im not just saying that because i dont like this guy. Its times like this that i really would give anything for Tupac to come out of hiding and put out some new stuff, instead of releasing songs under Blac Haze. Besides that, this album really isnt worth your money at all...if you want real hip hop albums go get Talib Kweli's "right about now:the official sucka free mixtape" or even one of Common's albums. This guy really has no talent that i can see and his voice doesnt help his case either. DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM! Quit supporting talentless newcomers just because its the new thing out...i have heard tons of underground artists that are much better than this guy.

Don'tHate ,

Don't buy the album all at once

It's an allright album, a few good tracks like "It's Goin Down", "Dope Boy Magic", and "Patron".

The album costs $14, and there's only 13 actual tracks not including interludes, so don't buy the album as one.


Another Waste Of Tight Beats

If you want some tight beats and you can ignore how stupid this guy sounds then go ahead and pick this CD up. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because the production is decent. Maybe I'm starting to show my age, but I just do not hear anything lyrical coming out of this guys mouth period. I do not understand why the world is in love with Yung Joc or Young Jeezy. Thank god Ice Cube came out on the same day and Busta Rhymes comes out a week later. You young folk that's giving this 4 and 5 stars need to check out some real Hip-Hop vets like Cube and Bussa Bus. They are real Hip-Hop artist.

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