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About Daphne Kalfon

As if PC users weren't annoyed enough by Apple's increasing presence in the media, Canadian musician Daphne Kalfon released the catchy "I Love My Mac" in 2004 to push them completely over the edge. The Vancouver-based Kalfon studied classical piano and theory along with composition for many years and had dabbled in jazz, film scoring, and orchestration. She became a fan of the Mac music creation program GarageBand soon after its release and joined the digital community www.macjams.com to trade and share her compositions. It was there she learned of MacCompanion magazine's song contest, which was seeking the definitive ode to the Mac.

Kalfon sent in her "I Love My Mac" right at the deadline and was soon the proud recipient of the first prize, a 250-GB hard drive. Besides that, she had the adoration of Mac users who were trading and even translating her song into various languages. The track appeared on the December 2005 CD-ROM attached to MacAddict magazine along with numerous podcasts and the play lists of geekier Internet radio stations. Mac fans got to rock the chirpy tune on their iPods when the song became available for download. ~ David Jeffries



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