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The Other Side

So, you think you know Alicia Bridges. Yes, I Love The Nightlife is a fantastic disco hit, but try some of her other music, too. Starchild is one of the most tender love songs I have ever heard. Broken Women is a sleazy bar song that is just pure fun. Cheap affairs reminds me of Jessica Rabbit singing her torch song in Roger Rabbit. And the o' so cool California Sunset is worth a spin. And the title song, Play It As It Lays is one of the most hard chargin' rock songs I've heard in awhile. This lady is a true Diamond In The Rough, to steal a phrase. You will love this song. Try it Mikey, you will like it.


Alicia Bridges Successful Sophomore CD, Say It Sister

Can you Say It Sister? You definitely want to download Alicia Bridges original version of "I Love The Nightlife", but do yourself a favor by listening to some of Alicia Bridges other songs. Her singing delivery and her writing come together in this mature version of her Rock, Soul, and Dance songs. This is the 2nd CD her newly formed company has released and I look forward to what else they have in store for us.
Alicia Bridges hit the charts with her mega hit, "I Love The Nightlife" and was thereafter but unjustly identified as a disco diva. Her claim to fame was her crown and her nemesis. Few have heard the depth of her writing and singing ability, partly due to her famous song and partly due to the heavy bass sound popular at the time.
Finally, Alicia Bridges has hit her stride with her new company, FDXXcwp; Her tongue in cheek song writing style also influenced the name of her company. FD standing for Faux Diva and the XX for anonymous. Singer turned producer, she influenced this version of her tunes in assuring that they were polished to full brilliance. Her singing style is distinct and mature matching her message of love gone wrong and good times to be had by all. Come to the party, but you don't have to wear your boogie shoes to enjoy Alicia Bridges CD, Say It Sister.

About Alicia Bridges

Alicia Bridges scored big in 1978 with "I Love the Nightlife (Disco 'Round)," a celebratory disco single that reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. It was her biggest moment in music and made her self-titled debut, released on Polydor, a definite part of the feel-good disco scene of the late '70s. The blues-tinged "Diamond in the Rough" and "Broken Woman" were mildly successful, but Bridges never regained her disco reign. She released one more album for Polydor, 1979's Play It as It Lays, then settled into a series of independent recordings and compilations, such as 1984's Hocus Pocus, 2007's Say It Sister and 2008's FauxDiva XX -- that explored a wider range of inspirations. "I Love the Nightlife" has been included on dozens of disco compilations, including the soundtrack for The Last Days of Disco (which also features an update from Masters at Work's Nuyorican Soul project). ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Lawndale, NC
July 15, 1953



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