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34 Ratings

maestro67 ,


It's about freakin' time!!!!!!!

sharon.s ,

Yes!!! Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love this song.

Magic Man ,


I've been waiting FOREVER for this album to finally come up on the iTunes store! For the longest time most of the catalog for The Climax Blues Band has been up on iTunes with the exception of a few albums that for some reason never made it. Among these most notably is the so-so album from the 80's "Flying The Flag" Well "Flying The Flag" is famous for the lovely ballad "I Love You" written by Derek Holt who left the band soon after. But it's not the only good song on the album, I also love "Gotta Have More Love" which was a minor hit for the band.

This sure isn't one of the bands best albums by any means, Derek Holt who wrote "I Love You" which is the saving grace of this ablum presented this song to his bandmates and told them he wished to record it. Legend has it (well fact mostly) is that the band hated the song so much that they refused to play it live and include it on most of their greatest hits collection. To them it was a sappy type of song that as a group they hated having to record & play on it but eventually gave in to Holt. C'mon just take a look at how long it took for this album to be released on iTunes!

The Climax Blues Band as a group had primarily recorded blues/rock music during their careers so in that light, yeah a pop song and a ballad at that such as "I Love You" really is a departure from their blues/rock standards that they're used to playing. As much as they were reluctant to record it, the thing is suprise suprise, the song became of of their few hits. So when you take a look at what the CBB did during their history the only couple of songs of theirs that cracked the top 40 for them was "Couldn't Get It Right" & "I Love You" and I'm sure that must have #1: been a point of pride for Holt & #2 been a major bone of contention for the band as they HATED the song but yet recorded it anyway.

But such is rock history and music lore, I've always loved "I Love You" and I'm glad someone came to thier senses and finally released this album up on the store as it should be. The album as a whole is a pretty weak one but to have "I Love You" finally here it's more than worth it's existance.

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