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Old with the new mixed with individuality


6/5 what music needed talent and originality and great artist.



I received a free CD with various artist on it about a year ago and the only song I liked was "You Make Me Smile", I never found out were the CD came from and there was no indication that I requested to buy or paid for it. Odd situation, but I loved that song and everyone who hears it ask who the artist is. Now, I have been looking at "How to Make it in America" since the first episode and always put off looking for the artist who made the song "I need a Dollar" and when I look to see if he had a full CD, I saw it and listened. Low and behold, the first song is I Need a Dollar. Now thats two hell of a coincidences but it tells me that this is a Artist that I like to hear. Great Music on tis CD, its like a Neo-Ottis Redding or a modern day Sly and the Family Stone. Cant wait to research who influences him in the industry. @NFLion

About Aloe Blacc

Born to Panamanian parents in Los Angeles in 1979, E. Nathaniel Dawkins (aka Aloe Blacc) first began playing trumpet in elementary school, and continued with the instrument throughout high school. There he also independently released Imaginary Friends, produced by DJ Exile, with whom he would go on to form the hip-hop group Emanon. While at college at USC, though his artistic endeavors were placed behind his scholastic goals, Aloe still managed to learn how to play the guitar and the piano, and after graduating and spending some time in the corporate world, he decided to return to his first love, music. In 2005 Emanon's full-length debut, The Waiting Room, came out on Shaman Works, and the next year his first solo album, Shine Through, a combination of retro-soul and Latin music, was released on Stones Throw. He partnered with the Truth & Soul Productions crew for 2010's more organic effort Good Things. The album featured the single "I Need a Dollar," which reached the Top Ten in several countries, including the U.K. and Germany. The song was licensed for use as the theme song to the HBO show How to Make It in America. In 2013, Aloe co-wrote and fronted Avicii's "Wake Me Up," an international smash hit that reached the Top Five of Billboard's Hot 100. His third album, Lift Your Spirit, was released in some territories later that year. In the U.S., it was issued through Interscope in early 2014. ~ Marisa Brown

    Los Angeles, CA
  • BORN
    Jan 7, 1979

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