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Not the original track listing... utter nonsense


I refuse to buy this album as it does not contain the original tracklisting. Dave Clark replaced the song "Funny" with a song called "I Miss You," which was a B-side released two years after this album. Where is "Funny"? Rumor on the net is that his bandmate Ron Ryan wrote the song, and the two had a bitter dispute over songwriting credits years ago and haven't spoken in a long time, and that that's the reason Clark omitted the song. Rather petty, if true. At any rate, I won't buy the album unless it's returned to the original track listing.



Like the other early albums, Dave Clark is trying to pull a fast one and deny an old band mate his deserved song writing royalties by replacing important original songs from these albums. Don't buy these and demand he release the albums as they originaly came out

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