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Lets Dance!


Great movie and songs. Yes

I don't know this one.

Thomas Upton 2004,

I still love it.
Everybody, do you think the songs are shame on the 2002 Broadway musical why do you think I mean to say, do you think the 2002 Broadway musical songs are in it which are the same songs or are they different songs?
Please give me feedback as possible!
If it's yes, then yes.
If additional, well I still have to watch the film and see what they sound like. So if it is no, then no.
I don't know about the 1988 film but I still love the 2007 version.
All the songs sound like over chores.
And I mean by that in 2007 film version.
And they are very loud.
And in the film version they were also very very very very very long and very extended versions of the songs.
Once again they are long extended versions of the songs.
And they are very good.
The long extended versions of the songs can be found on the 2007 film version of hairspray. And they are the 2002 Broadway musicals which had extensions and they are also longer versions.
But on you can't stop the beat, the music rises and risers more and more and more compliant with Trump kicks. But I like it when the song is beautiful.
In the 2007 version and it was the "come so far got so far to go "ending.
And that can be found on the closing credits.

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