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Summer just got hotter


Yes, she's the daughter of a famous musician/ producer but Kaya is so much more than her roots. She brings us on a journey of songs she has self-penned and delivers in a maturity beyond her years. Sure, there is coyness in songs like Sleepover and I'm In Love With A Boy. Then you are served with songs like Free Fall, Everything I Do Is Wrong and Gold Digger taking you deeper. There are obvious underlying influences throughout of pop, r&b and slick production, but the hooks are strong. What is great here is the emotional rock edge that Kaya's voice brings. There are not many female contributors out there giving us this much of a 'take charge' attitude beyond the over played r&b/ hip hop genre. She fills a void with confidence, raw soul and determination under her own terms.

the real thing


I can't belive a voice this big and textured- and so much heart in the lyrics- comes from a 16 year old! Yes, she is going to be a huge pop star- but one that matters. A real artist who writes her own songs and sings with soul. "Freefall" is such a beautiful melody. Yes, "Sleepover" will never get out of your head and is the the catchiest smash ever . And I also really love $16. Going to see her play at the Greek, so excited to see her in person. In the midst of made up stars from Disney, it's really cool to find the real thing.

About Kaya Stewart

Singer Kaya Stewart is a soulful artist with a bent toward dynamic, synth-heavy pop and R&B. Born in London, Stewart grew up in Los Angeles in a creative, musically inclined family. By the time she was in her teens, she was already singing and writing songs with an eye to recording an album. In April of 2013, she made her live stage debut performing at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. In mid-2015, she released her debut single, the gospel-infused "In Love with a Boy," before joining up with the Warped Tour. Stewart's debut EP, featuring production from her father, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Dave Stewart, was released in July of 2015. In 2016, she returned with her full-length debut album, Kaya Stewart, featuring the single "Sleepover." Matt Collar

    Los Angeles, CA

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