7 Songs, 28 Minutes


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It's That Good!

Larry Blisard

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It's that good.
This is the first album from rising star Amia Franz.
Ms. Franz is a brilliant song writer as well as a highly compelling vocalist and guitarist.
Every track has a great groove with head shaking hooks and Amia deftly combines soul, pop and smooth jazz all in a slickly produced package.

DEEP LOVE is what 80's music should have been.
ECSTACY is an outstanding R&B love song.
WAIT MARIAH is a breakup song with a top-notch vocal, lyrics and arrangement.
YOUR KISS IS BLIND would be the perfect theme for a movie about forbidden love.
WHEN I CRY A RIVER is a solid, up-tempo rock track with a disco beat and a superb vocal.
AIN'T NOBODY is a cover of the Chaka Khan classic and the vocal by Amia Franz is so good it's like hearing the song for the first time.
SPOOKY is a cover of the Classics IV hit with a very cool vocal and a great groove.

Amia's fabulous vocals in Songs of the Soul are funky smooth, the originals and covers sparkle and the production is excellent!

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