4 Songs, 15 Minutes


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More than "Electronic"


Vakoum is most definitely way more than just an "electronic" band. They play real drums and real electric guitars, and sing with their real voices and stuff. And the result is frankly out of this world. ICE is a good song, Open Window is a great song (with really cool guitar interplay at the end), Still Breathing is a fantastic song (with the keyboards, guitars, drums, and vocals all working together to create an incredible tapestry of sound). Breathing Through A Straw, however, may be the best song ever made. Seriously. Listen to it a few times; the transition in the middle of the song is probably the coolest thing I've ever heard in music. The song is just achingly beautiful. What makes this band work so well beyond what one would consider the typical "electronic" sound, is Kelli Rudick's drum work, and the band's use of electric guitars intermixed with the rest of the aural tapestry. Their vocals are also soaringly beautiful. Get this EP!