16 Songs, 48 Minutes


About Boy Kicks Girl

Creating new sound lineaments inspired by the punk rock style, Boy Kicks Girl proclaimed their own space within the growing punk-pop scene. Forming in August of 1996, in San Jose, CA, Boy Kicks Girl comprised a three-piece lineup commanded by Kevin La Bounty (vocals, guitar), Brandon Paski (bass, vocals), and Brett Holt (drums). Gathering a loyal fan base from the very start of their operations due to their inflamed live shows, the band managed to record its first disc in March of 1997. ...r Something Like That, their debut and self-released album, achieved considerable results, not only locally, but also beyond their state area. This propelled the crew to play throughout the Southwest during the following months. Playing on the same stage as Blink 182, the Ataris, or the Dropkick Murphys, the California trio consistently prepared the trail to record their second album, Public Display of Agression, which hit the record stores in October 1998. During the following two years, Boy Kicks Girl relentlessly continued playing live, also gaining regular airplay on local radio stations and enlarging their fan base. However, despite their evolving and consistent success, the California team announced its dissolution in September of 2000. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges



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