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"John Dunbar's Theme"

Patrick Mac,

I will probably end up purchasing this album as I enjoy quality voices. But for those who are unaware, "Here's To The Heroes" is actually "John Dunbar's Theme" from John Barry's soundtrack from the flick "Dances With Wolves". It is such a gorgeous piece of music on its own, it would take a lot to mess it up, though I suspect the 10 Tenors do it justice. So if you like the music, you might try buying the John Barry instrumental version. (Everyone should own the Dances w/Wolves soundtrack anyway...it is stunning). Patrick

Superb!! Outstanding, worth every penny!!!


As for the review stating that this CD is okay and that Josh Groban is the king of opera pop, please know a little bit about what you are saying. Being a classical singer myself and a huge fan of crossover music (Sarah Brightman being the Queen and really there is no one yet to be crowned king as there are many who would deserve this title), this album I must say is INCREDIBLE!!!! The outstanding uniformity of all ten of these talented singers is unbelievable. The proyection of their voices and debth of their technique is comparable to great classical masters of our time (Josh Groban not being one of them). And last but not least the innovation of their proyects are one of a kind, true that if you want pure classical singing you must listen to people like Mario Lanza, Cecilia Bartoli among others; but this is A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GENRE!!! Do not hesitate to purchase this recording, you'll become their newest fan!!!

About The Ten Tenors

Formed in 1995, Australian vocalists the Ten Tenors spent much of their early career touring the country's small towns and universities. The ensemble didn't come to the attention of the international community until they made an appearance at The Eurovision Grand Prix de la Chanson in Kiel, Germany, where they provided the audience with a soaring medley of the evening's finalist's work. The Ten Tenors' ability to mix classical, rock, and opera with an innate charisma and charm that is distinctly Australian has resulted in the award-winning collections One Is Not Enough, Larger Than Life, Tenology, and 2006's Here's to the Heroes. Nostalgica arrived in 2008, featuring new arrangements of fan favorites like "Bésame Mucho" and "Over the Rainbow," followed by a string of chart-topping live and career overview LPs. The aptly named On Broadway, Vol. 1, which saw the tenors take on a set of show tunes, arrived in 2014, followed in 2015 by the holiday-themed Our Christmas Wish, and in 2016 by In Mezzo Al Mare, which featured 13 of the group's most beloved Mediterranean-inspired songs. ~ James Christopher Monger

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