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BruceH ,

Serenity hits the mark.

Gary Carpenter plays the guitar with a mixture of Spanish and fusion styles. This song is full of drama and passion, played to perfection with his dazzling technique. The sound has purity and clarity even in the fast and fiery parts.
This arrangement is well produced. The solo guitar and multiple other parts Gary plays are marvelously synchronous. Liz's vocals are haunting and hypnotic. The percussion adds the authentic latin feeling and colors to the song. This song illicits different pictures, according to your current mood. It could be night, day or just a moment in the time when everything is stopped and you can enjoy to the melody. Can't wait to hear more from Gary Carpenter.

D Delicious ,

Akumal Bay Beckons

Picture yourself swaying your hips to the sultry groove; delectable spanish guitar blended with mesmerizing percussion beat. This song is swirling with beautiful uplifting melody that transcends one to the shores of paradise.

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