9 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Miseration

Originally launched as a joint partnership between vocalist Christian Älvestam (Scar Symmetry, Incapacity, Solar Dawn, etc.) and guitarist Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45, Essence of Sorrow, Crimson Moonlight, etc.), Swedish death metal project Miseration balance utmost brutality with astonishing musicianship. In other words, the vocalist can sing clean or croak like a beast, and the guitarist is a virtuosic beast -- and also handled all of the bass and drums on their debut album. Released in early 2007 by independent Rivel Records, Your Demons -- Their Angels slowly crawled out of the heavy metal underground as critical and consumer acclaim continued to build, culminating in a worldwide reissue barely one year later through Germany's LifeForce label. By then, Miseration were looking more like a proper band, following the addition of guitarist Marcus Bertilsson, bassist Johan Ylenstrand, and drummer Rolf "Stuka" Pilve for touring purposes. And with the announcement of Älvestam's departure from Scar Symmetry in early 2009, the stage appeared set for Miseration to take their own career to another level. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia



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